Student Loans in Ohio

The current student loan debt is at $1.4 trillion. 37 percent of adults ages 18 to 29 have taken out loans. Average student debt of Ohio graduates is $30,351.  

So what does that mean?

Dealing With Loans Before and After College

The stress of dealing with student loans affects students during and after school. Steven Geer sits with a Kent graduate and Kent student who share their experiences.

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Alternative Options for Financing College

The current student loan debt is at $1.4 trillion, according to The Student Loan Report.

Ohio’s 2016 college graduates have an average student debt of $30,351 and 64 percent of graduates have debt from, The Institute for College Access & Success, calculations from four-year public and private non-profit intuitions.

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How Students Spend Loan Money 

The average college grad owes about $30,000 in the U.S. Kent State students average slightly higher at about $33,000. Reporter LiAnna Schwerer tells us where students are really spending that money.

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Failure to Pay Back Student Loans Carries Heavy Consequences

Former students who cannot afford to pay back their loans are out of luck — and so are the communities around them.

For many, loans are a fact of life and often the only way to afford a college education.

A Pew Research Center article from Anthony Cilluffo highlights that 37 percent of adults ages 18 to 29 have taken out loans. And the total student loan debt in the United States? A USA Today article from Courtney Miller sets that number as $1.21 trillion. 

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A Look at Student Loans Through History

The United States Federal Reserve reports 44.2 million Americans bear the burden of student loan debt.

Co-researchers Robert Cloud, education professor at Baylor University, and Richard Fossey,  education professor at University of Louisiana – Lafayette, estimate that 20 million of those Americans will never be able to pay back their loans.

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Proactive Preparation: Avoiding Loan Debt

For students in higher education, graduating is one of many goals. More than likely, the countless all-nighters, countless deadlines and financial instability was worth it — until it’s time to repay loans.

In post-graduate life, there are no more hovering deadlines.

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