The silent killer: Cocaine, fentanyl in Northeast Ohio


Project by: Tierra Thomas, Lydia Taylor, Starr Bodi, Ile-Ife Okantah and Brad Hamilton


Graphic courtesy of Piktochart

From South America to Northeast Ohio: The history of Cocaine
Behind marijuana, cocaine is the most used illegal drug. There’s a
connotation that cocaine is a rich people’s drug, popular with high
profile celebrities, socialites and models. However, the drug’s effects
are a perfect combination for college students.






Information courtesy of the Portage County Mental Health and Recovery Board

Portage County sees increase in accidental drug deaths
From 2011 to 2017, the rate of accidental drugs deaths in
one year for Portage County has increased substantially,
going from five deaths in 2011 to 45 deaths in 2017.
“This is an alarming rate that the deaths have skyrocketed,”
said Karyn Hall, Director of Community Relations at the
Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County.





Cocaine in Portage County over the past years

Since the beginning of 2013, there has been an up rise
in the intake of cocaine in Portage County however,
it’s less seen than many would think. Cocaine is a
well-known drug in Portage County but, many people
don’t understand where it actually comes from
and what effect it has on a body.