Downtown Kent pocket park coming soon

Anchor Intro: Downtown Kent is in store for more redevelopment within the year that will please all ages.

Over the past few years, Kent residents have seen quite a few changes taking place in the downtown area. Between the addition of restaurants and shops, downtown Kent has become a booming social area for college-age students and residential families alike.

Along with the redevelopment that has already taken place, downtown Kent will be seeing a pocket park in the near future.

Community Development Committee Meeting, 9/3/14 – Meeting Minutes

College Town Kent OH Plaza Study 3.26.14
Sketch of pocket park plan

Some features that are being considered for the park include urban swings, a stage, gaming areas and benches, as well as additional landscaping of trees. City Engineer Jim Bowling says it will be an area for all ages.

Much of the redevelopment downtown Kent has been seeing recently is credited to the former Economic Development Director, Dan Smith.

In July 2014, Smith passed away from cancer. The City of Kent as well as the park property owners, College Town Kent, have agreed to dedicate the pocket park to Smith.

“Dan really epitomized community,” said Bowling. “He knew everybody, he got along with everybody, he was dedicated, he volunteered to the community, he served the community in much more than just at his job and we’re just hoping that this place represents him as well as he represented himself while he was here.”

The park will be a collaboration project between the City of Kent and College Town Kent. Construction is anticipated to finish by Summer 2015.