Soaring Salt Prices

Due to supply and demand the price of rock salt has skyrocketed. The cities that did not purchase salt in the summer will pay the price as it has gone up $63 dollars. For Ravenna, this will not be a problem. Ravenna did not sign a contract with ODOT, but did purchase all the salt the city needed during the summer bidding process, which last through October. While some cities may be spending more this winter, Ravenna will in fact be saving money.

Anchor Intro: Many Ohioans have heard rumors of yet another brutal winter on its way, but it’s not the only thing people have to worry about this winter. Bob Vickers has the story.

Anchor Tag: Salt prices had been steadily declining over the past three years until this past winter brought them soaring back up.

Distance from salt mines also contribute to the difference in salt prices from county to county. The closest mine to Ravenna would be in Lake County. Map

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