Ward 6


Story by Mike Drake & Tyler Singleton

Tracy Delinger, Kent, Ohio
Tracy is tired of all the trash on the street. Even after garbage pickup days, she says there is trash left on the sides of the road and even in front yards. She wants to know what the local government is doing to clean up the street.

Amanda Hastin, Kent, Ohio
Amanda likes the upgrades and new businesses in downtown Kent but still worries about her safety when walking in downtown Kent at night. Amanda also worries that more churches will suffer the same fate as hers and close because of the increase of young adults due to Kent State University.

C.J. Spennati, Kent, Ohio
C.J. would love to see the rusted stairwell by the Cuyahoga River in downtown fixed. He is worried that someone may seriously injure themselves on this stairwell, especially in the winter weather.

Lori & Julie, mothers of students at Walls Elementary, Kent, Ohio
Lori and Julie are constantly on the move with their children and are sick of the poor road conditions. Lori cannot believe how many potholes are in the local streets and wants to see them fixed immediately. Julie, meanwhile wonders why her street is rarely getting plowed in the winter. The Ohio snow is a pain as it is, but a delay to get out of her neighborhood hurts her at work.

Stefan Meyer & Molly Aubuchon, owners of Kent Cycle, Kent, Ohio
Molly is frustrated by the Lake Street intersection and, more specifically, the Fairchild bridge. She feels the new drive pattern is confusing for drivers.