Kent City Council: Not just a little room in the Kent fire station

Kent City Council strategies new Parks and rec. center plan, LGBTQ discriminatory rights

Written by Kayla Strum

The Kent City Council held a meeting Wednesday, April 19 at 7 p.m. The meeting opened with a proposal to bring a new parks and recreational – health & wellness center to the community, which will estimate $18-20 million dollars. The planned agenda for the meeting began with concerns for the rec. center.

“Good health is one of our most precious assets.,” said John Idone, parks and rec. center presenter.

The council reviewed the proposal for a new health and wellness center, a detailed presentation showcased the concept plan. Case studies revealed a lot of information about the competing rec. centers in the surrounding areas. The case studies examined Twinsburg Fitness Center, Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium and the Tallmadge Recreation Center, analyzing what the facilities offer.

Potential partners were mentioned in the concept plan as well. These potential partners are Kent State University, Kent City Schools and University Hospitals.

There are several benefits that will be included with the proposed The benefits include free parking, a place for the community to get fit in the heart of kent and will be affordable for members.

The new parks and rec. Center will be 90,000 square feet with an elevated track and fitness equipment will be provided.

This proposal is in the early stages, but there are high hopes this will become a new asset to the community and meet the community needs. The proposed designated location for this park will be Middlebury road in Kent.

The next issue that was brought to the council’s attention are LGBTQ discriminatory concerns that are still happening in the town.

Bobbi Ullinger, member of the kent community is a transgender, expressed concerns to the council about LGBTQ rights.

“I could go into Ray’s place and they could easily tell me to leave just because I am trans.,” said Ullinger.

The council listened to the concerns of the LGBTQ community and are well aware of the issues at hand in the city. Kent is hoping to become the 19th city to provide a safer environment and outlaw discrimination in regards to the LGBTQ community.


At the recent Kent city council meeting this past Wednesday, the council continues to review the new health and wellness center plans and a citizen of Kent is not please with all the contraction Kent State is currently doing.