Kent and surrounding areas respond and prepare for gun violence in schools

School shootings have become a critical issue in the United States, especially following multiple shooting tragedies which have occurred across the country over the past year. Places and events like the shooting at Parkland High School, have prompted entities and agencies within Northeast Ohio to be even more prepared and open about the possibility of an active school shooter threat. From prevention, to actual hand-on responses, from elementary schools to Kent State University, the degree to which these topics are being discussed has increased and improved exponentially in the wake of recent events. Everyone in the community of Kent and surrounding areas, are affected dramatically in light of new and improving policies and procedures.

ALICE training, which has become prevalent over the past decade or more, is just one training response to help individuals who may be at risk of being caught in an active shooter situation. Mental health has been address differently more recently than it ever has before, with rising connections between those with mental health and shooting or violent incidents. Gun advocates and owners are being pressured by possible new legislation, which might in turn ban assault rifles from being owned by the public.  Even the way police and other emergency services react to shooting events has drastically evolved in order to be more prepared.

There are multiple changes being made throughout all different parts of the community because of these issues, and with the recency and prevalence of school shootings. It’s no doubt that the community and its citizens, will undergo new changes to help protect and prevent against these types of situations.

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