Public libraries: a new chapter of funding, education and technology

The cost of knowledge: the state of funding in Ohio’s public libraries
By: Caelin Mills

Funding public libraries remains the most crucial aspect of maintaining the role libraries play in communities across the country. Despite this, many voters are unaware of the sources of funding and importance of locally sourced funding

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As technology advances, libraries direct more money to innovations
By: Dylan Reynolds

As Americans change the way they consume media, public libraries
are keeping pace, updating the types of materials they offer to reflect the needs of their communities. 

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Educating the new-age librarian
By: Faith Riggs

With the rise of technological advances in libraries, many Master of Library Science programs across the country have transformed into more innovative educational experiences.

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Drugs in public libraries: is it an issue?
By: Andrea Gump

If you were to pretend like you were taking a step into the Kent City Public Library, what would you see? What would you see?

Stacey Richardson


People, desks, computers? Do you ever think you could walk into this public space and potentially find needles or blood splattered on the restroom sinks and floors? This is a question I have repeatedly asked myself ever since drugs became such an issue right here in our own town that we call home.

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Reimagining high school libraries
By: Erin Keller

Long are the days of no talking in high school libraries. Times are changing, so libraries are, too.

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