Local residents and students cast their votes at Kent State

Janine Tiffe

Kent resident Janine Tiffe is volunteering today as a non-partisan worker, someone who’s not affiliated with any political party, with Election Protection. This national coalition provides voters with information and assistance at all stages of voting.

Although this is Tiffe’s first time working at the polls instead of just voting, she felt it was important to not only get involved with election day somehow, but to help young students at Kent State. 

“I think a lot of young people are eager to vote, but nervous so that’s where I come in and help,” Tiffe said. “I actually helped a man earlier who didn’t know where his polling place was located, so I directed him to the right location. That’s been my day so far.”

Besides leading voters to their correct polling sites, Tiffe also is trained to diffuse tense situations, such as people trying to sway voter’s decisions or permit people from voting.

“I’m staying cautious, but this is Kent,” Tiffe said. “It’s pretty quiet out right now, so I don’t foresee that happening.”

Tiffe will end her shift at the Kent Recreation Center at 9:30 a.m., then move on to assist at the Akron polls.

Kent State alumna Noelle Elliot voting Monday, November 3, 2020 at Recreation Center

Noelle Elliott

Kent State theater studies alumna and resident Noelle Elliott just voted for the first time at Kent’s Recreation Center and is feeling nervous about her decision, but accomplished that she made one.

“The last time I was eligible to vote was in 2016 and I didn’t take it seriously,” Elliott said. “But this time I was like, I better not take my chances, every vote counts.”

Because of the outcome of 2016’s election, Elliott said that she not only felt it was her duty to vote this year, but also encourages other people to get out there and do their part in this 2020 election. Although Elliot said that she didn’t know what she was doing or how to even vote when she showed up at the Rec today, the ballot workers guided her, calmed her nerves and made the process of voting easy. 

Elliot recounts a story on her younger brother deciding not to vote because he wasn’t educated in the various ways to cast a ballot, to warn people not to second-guess themselves.

“If you’re having trouble with figuring out how to vote, don’t let that stop you,” Elliot said. “If you’re old enough, ask for an absentee ballot… there’s so many options you can take to vote.  Find a way.”