Final Project V.2

The COVID vaccine has now been distributed across America. Ohio is the 27th state when ranked on vaccine doses, with New Hampshire being number one. It’s important to look at vaccine distribution across Ohio, so people get a better idea of numbers. Catherine Newburg, a health professional said that “certain counties in Ohio have gotten more vaccines to give out, hence the numbers. However, all counties have over 10% of their population fully vaccinated which is great to see.”

As the number of vaccines distributed goes up, so does the amount of people willing to be vaccinated.

Mark Hamlin got vaccinated in Franklin County and said that he “didn’t have any side effects. It felt just like any other shot.” His wife, however, was sick for a few days after her shot. “I’m not that surprised my wife was sick considering she had COVID before and I haven’t” Hamlin said. He also mentioned that he “was hesitant to get the vaccine at first, but since [he] saw more people getting them, [he] talked [him]self into it.” Most patients who have gotten COVID and have had their shots, have similar stories.

“As long as each county progresses like they have been, we should start seeing improvement in COVID hospitalization cases within the new few months” Newburg said.