New Buildings With No New Student Parking

Over a year ago Kent State announced the chosen architecture team who will build the new Architecture building in the near future. The ground breaking ceremony was held this past weekend and construction is scheduled to start soon. Also in that area of campus a new home for the Division of Institutional Advancement was recently approved. Though there is one thing left out of the plans for these new buildings. No new student parking lots are a part of the plan with these expansions. TV2 reporter Candace Monacelli caught up with Sophomore commuter Interior Design student, Elise Biebelhausem  to see how she and many others feel about the current parking set up and what to except for the future. 

While working out all final plans with both of these new buildings they continue to build up the connection with the university and the city along the new University Esplanade. Kent State’s Associate Vice President of Facilities Planning and Operation, Tom Euclide and Kent State’s Architect Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Design, Mike Bruder were both not available to speak on exactly how these new buildings with no student parking plans will directly affect downtown Kent.

Parking Services Manager Larry Emling speaks about adding more parking on campus.

Emling said if Kent State would consider adding any parking garages it would increase charges to student parking passes. Emling said parking passes have not increased charges in six years and would like to keep the charges the same for students.

The new architecture building is projected to be completed by December 2015 and the new home for the Division of Institutional Advancement currently has no set completion date but is projected to have ground breaking start very soon. 

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