Public Health Officials Speak at Kent City Council

The Wednesday, October 13 Kent City Council meeting started with Ebola talk. Portage County Health Commissioner, Jeff Neistadt, Director of Kent State University Center for Public Health Preparedness, Dr. Christopher Woolverton, and Medical Director at City of Kent, Dr. Kirk Stiffler, all spoke at the beginning of the meeting. They addressed what information they knew so far, what exactly Ebola is and does, how it can be spread, and any inaccurate rumors that had been floating around.

Anchor Intro: The news of Ebola patient, Amber Vinson, staying in Tallmadge took over social media Wednesday. Even City Council got caught up in the story and had public health experts give and update at the beginning of the council meeting.

Anchor Tag: If you have any questions you can call the Ebola information line at 330-926-3939.

Map of Area Vinson and her family were.

Ebola Press Release