International students face H1B visa stress in this graduation season


This year, another lucky 85000 people win this H-1B Visa lottery. But working visa is always the most arguable topic among international students.
What is H-1B?

Most of international students are looking for H-1B visa after their graduation and internship. It is the way to start their career in U.S. But to get this visa is not easy and the opportunity is not equal to everyone.

Tim Si graduated from Kent State University last year and he is now working in a architecture firm in Cleveland. He feel he is really lucky this year and wins this H1-B lottery.

“The hardest part for international student is how to show your employers your skill and what you can do for this position, “said Si. Si was really worried about his language before but his employer gave him support.

Si also said, H-1B visa will bring some diversity and international culture to the working place. Some company willing to give sponsorship for this. But the most important thing is to show your value to the company.

“Just keep improve yourself.” Si give his advise to other students who are worried about H-1B.


Unlike Si, Ran Wei is not so lucky this time. Wei graduated as a Master student from Case Western Reserve University. This year is his second time apply H1-B visa but he fail again.

Wei’s major is in the STEM field and he had OPT extension. It means he had more time to find a job. However, it is not really help at the end.

“To use your OPT wisely,” said Wei, “during last two years, the number of applications is increase. You don’t know if you will get this visa for certain.”

“try to play with time.” Wei said.

Also, H1-B workers are taking the job opportunities from Americans, is another highly debated topic. But Wei said: “Compare to taking their job, we are more likely filling the empty.”

Early this year, Donald Trump said in The GOP debate the H1-B Visa program should be end for it is unfair to American workers. He used Disney as an example, who shipped in H-1B workers from India to replace 400-odd American techies at their Florida offices.

However there are some database post by show some facts about H-1B workers and American workers.